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Award winning WHMIS and TDG training

Our courses are designed so your employees can learn from home or on the job.


Online Training

Our Online Training course is 100% online with no need to ever step foot in a classroom. We also offer courses for WHMIS, Fall Protection Awareness and Forklift Operator Safety Awareness.

Online Training Courses

​Self Teach Training

Using examples, and practical workplace exercises our Self-Teach training manuals engage the learner and make for an interesting and educational learning experience.

Self-Teach Training Materials

Instructor Packages

Using the extensive supplementary information, exercises and discussion guides. The instructors manual is cross referenced to the regulations and handbooks for easy follow-along to keep students actively engaged.

Instructor Packages

Need a certification?

We take credentialing seriously.

A credential is issued with every course registered, whether launched from your LMS or from ours, and we manage that credential - forever.

See how we can help train your staff

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​Purchase your courses

Any of the courses in our library can be exported to your LMS or training platform.


Download your course package

Receive a link to download the SCORM package from our library with your purchased licenses built right in.


Upload course into your training platform

Your employees will gain access to their training the same way they will access training on your platform. As a Training Manager, you will receive course history, stats, and reports on your LMS.


Digital Badges and Printable Certificates

Digital badges show a validated indicator of accomplishment that makes it easy for you to display them across the web. They offer a number of benefits including: increased security, portability, and are sharable on social media, email, and SMS.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our unique online safety training system is designed so your employees can learn from home or on the job. Easy to use, internet-based safety training will significantly lower your training costs, and give you more time to spend in the field observing and changing behaviour. Learn at your own pace from any computer with internet access.


​Personal Training Profile

A simple way to store and share all of you digital and paper-based certifications in one accessible and secure online location.

Employees: On a jobsite you can easily display your certifications from your mobile device to validate your safety training.

Employers: Access employee's public training certifications to view their uploaded certifications and digitally verifiable certifications.

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What others are saying



As for someone like myself who travels between provinces and to the territories, it is good to know that the training materials I am using reflect appropriate legislative requirements. All I have to do is the practical testing. Thanks for making my job a bit easier

Stuart McGowan
Logistics/Safety Coordinator - Bartle and Gibson Co.

I would just like to thank you for clarifying the means of accessing my transcripts from your system. Everything appears to run smoothly and I should be able to print them off at a later date. Calling me after I had emailed you shows me that you are committed to your customers. The service which you have provided me was nothing short of exceptional

Jeff Josey